About Me

I am a 17-year-old person that is quite invested in astronomy and astrophysics. I am an aspiring scientist and am pretty good at math. I also have a large interest in computing and politics. More specifically, I believe in the political teachings of Peter Kropotkin, Albert Einstein, and Eugene Debs. However, that isn't the focus of this website, so I suppose I'll stop there.

I've had an interest in astronomy since I was a kid. The stars, or rather the planets around them, always fascinated me. The possibility of life outside of our solar system is a thing most people at least find intriguing, and I suppose that's what got me into exoplanetary study. Knowing that life is out there someplace else would be a great discovery for human kind, and I want to help out, at least in some capacity.

A planet in Space Engine, a game that greatly interests me due to it's educational properties about astronomy.